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You bought the Toshiba Qosmio F750 to be the first on your block to play your favourite game in true, glasses-free 3D. Only after a few hours of frustration did you discover that Toshiba offers no way for you to use the autostereoscopic display for much more than Blu Ray discs.

With these 3 easy steps, you will have a full-screen 1920×1080 stereoscopic display for your 3D games and applications:

iZ3D stereoscopic drivers



If the iZ3D Control Panel doesn’t appear automatically, go to:

Start Menu > All Programs > iZ3D Driver and click on that.

When the panel appears, go to:

Simple > Status & Methods

First drop-down: Side by Side (trial)

Second drop-down: Left/Right

Click Apply

NOTE: Use Shift-F1 to bring up the hotkeys for the 3D setup page that appears when you start any 3D application. Use Shift-* (on the num pad) to hide the setup kit. iZ3D has plenty of game profiles, as well. Spend lots of time fine tuning your video and you will be well rewarded.

Kevin Cox’s Screen Mode Changer


Install it. Sorry, I forget exactly how the process goes, but when you press F12, you will see a bar across the screen with a red box around one of the four icons. Use the mouse to select the icon on the second from the left.

(The first is 2D, the second is white-box 3D with a black-box white-3D on the right)

So, it’s the second one we want.

One of these asks you to update to the latest Direct X drivers and may require a reboot. Go with the flow.

nVidia Video Drivers

For some reason, Toshiba cannot get it together to release the latest versions of drivers for their equipments’ OEM hardware. This has been going on, back into the 1990’s, so I am not surprised. The solution, now, is to grab nVidia’s BETA drivers.


Install it. I used 285.38 at the time I wrote this and it works great. Hopefully your experience will be the same.