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For me, there is only one problem with 3D television:

No content!!

3D LCD displays have been selling for over a year now and there are only a handful of movies available. If you are one of the huddled masses whose only content source for 3D is via Blu Ray, the problem is even worse. (hint: hook a good computer up to it)

Of everything that I have tried so far, the most impressive use of 3D goes, hands down, to the IMAX movie Deep Sea 3D.

Made in 2006, before consumer 3D televisions even arrived on store shelves, Deep Sea 3D really pops out of the screen. I had to drag my son back to the sofa on more than one occasion as he reached out, in awe.

There are very few parallax issues and convergence is masterful. The high resolution source material must have been much easier to work with.

Director Howard Hall released a follow up, Under The Sea in 3D, in 2009. Once I find it, I will let you know how it looks. When comparing Deep Sea 3D to Galapagos 3D (also IMAX, a bit older), I noticed improvement from the older to the newer. Hopefully, Under The Sea will carry the technology even further ahead.

If you have a 3D LCD shutter television and find Deep Sea 3D, GET IT!