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I have been wrestling with this question since the day I opened the package: What is it that I don’t like about it?

No, the missing parts of the user interface (try customizing your keyboard) don’t bother me THAT MUCH.

No, it’s not the $100+ year subscription after the first “free” month, included in the $50 price of a Lego man and a plastic disc (in a box, of course).

No, it’s not that jumping between regions requires walking from launch pad to launch pad, with no (obvious) way to teleport between zones like Guild Wars.

Wait, that’s it.. it’s like Guild Wars. Well, that’s not too bad… or is it?

Tonight, I figured it out.

Why did Lego feel compelled to make its massive multiplayer environment violent by default. Sure, things get “smashed” instead of killed, but my four year old doesn’t see it that way. Do you expect the game to eat into a teenager’s xbox/ipad/iphone/whatever time?

Sure, you can build, but I have a living space full of Lego that we can do that with, while getting the full tactile experience. The interface is clunky and doesn’t look like it would translate well to a touch screen or Kinect.. but perhaps with a little tuning I will let you know.

The short of this rant is that I feel there were so many better places to take the whole concept. We were marketed that the Lego mini figures ran around building anything one may imagine, almost instantaneously, in Lego. This is WAY slower than the real thing, and adding the, as my son calls it, “killing the aliens” factor does not make for an enjoyable game.

LEGO: Did you ever raise the question of what the point of all the content moderation is if the who game is based around smashing? Even if it’s just smashing, it’s still violent.

Want to see Lego Universe? I’m sure there is a YouTube video or two around. Definitely, don’t buy it. So many better massive multiplayer games are available at a much lower price.