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Files HD – $0.99

This App allows you to copy files between your workstation/laptop and the iPad. The iPad shows up as a shared folder on your computer, which you may access in the same manner as you do with the rest of your files.

Now, please tell me what App allows me to connect to a network drive from the iPad (ie: the opposite direction of this)

Best 99 cents you’ll ever spend.

Pages – $9.99

Too many 9’s in the price, but this is the word processor of choice. With the help of a wireless keyboard, you might prefer to use this over a desktop equivalent, simply because of the easy adjustment of elements with the touch interface.

You may use Files HD to transfer images to Pages. Use the button in the upper right corner of the Files HD page, when the image is selected ,and choose “Add to Photos.”

iMockups – $9.99

If are a web developer, this is a simple way to assemble your wireframes. There is definitely a lot that needs to be added to it, but it is still a very useful tool.

Wolfram Alpha – $1.99

This is a search engine for factual and calculable information. Bryan Adams is nowhere to be found, but it will tell me the nutritional information for 2 slices of swiss cheese, or the distance between the earth and sun.

Air Video – $4.99

If you have a media server, this allows you to access it from the iPad. “Videos” is the built in app, but it only allows you to get content from iTunes. I am a little surprised that this app actually got approved. Very worth it, though I had to exit and restart the server software the next day after I first installed it, so the iPad would sit it again.

I’ll stop there, with your iTunes bill for the day at $27.95. Do you have any suggestions for me?